This is the list of chinese e-commerce websites with the best rating
Top 10 chinese websites
This list is qualitative, the total numbers of the reviews doesn't count.
Rating scorecard

AA Rating

Best Rating assigned from our system, the website is reliable and recommended with a minimum or null quantity of disappointed users


A Rating

Very good rating. The website is considered reliable with a minimum quantitz of disappointed users.


B Rating

Good rating, the website is fairly reliable with low percentage of disappointed users


C Rating

This rating have an important number of disappointed users


D Rating

Leggere le review Rating with an high number of disappointed users, the deal could have some risks


E Rating

Rating with a ow number of satysfied users. This is not a reccomended website


F Rating

Numero trascurabile di utenti contenti. Questo rating puĆ³ indicare un sito truffa


+ Sign

Maggiori review indicano un rating stabile e affidabile. Tere are one or more + signs when the reviews number is relevant